Monday, June 25, 2012

Wessington Springs Academy Reunion

It was a weekend of "Gathering"
in Wessington Springs


The Wessington Springs
College/High School & Academy
held their reunion
The Free Methodist Church
celebrated it's
125th Anniversary

over 230 people from all over the United States
registered for the event

the count is not official,
but the town was bursting with visitors!

The Community Room
at Hillcrest Heights served as the hospitality center...

with it's new sunroom and air-conditioned space,
it was a popular place for the participants
to sit and catch up with long lost classmates.

Hillcrest Heights was built on the old 
Wessington Springs College sight in the 1970's.

Just west of the apartments and community room
is the original Shakespeare Garden and Ann Hathaway Cottage.
Reunion visitors could cool off with some lemonade
and then stroll over to the gardens and cottage
for a trip back in time!

The cottage was built by Professors and students
of the Wessington Springs College in 1932
the original gardens are maintained today by 
volunteers of the community and funded by 
donations from members and friends from all over the world.

Academy and College students keep in touch
and contribute to this wonderful garden project
started 80 years ago!
What a fine tribute to it's founders
Professor Clark and Emma Shay!! 

The cottage was built for the Shays
as their home to retire in after many years
of teaching at the College...

this weekend it was filled with love and laughter
from the many students that benefited from the 
Wessington Springs Academy
and the teachings of Clark and Emma Shay...

There was even a play written by 
a former teacher of the college...

The play outlines the lives of 
Professor Clark and Emma Shay...

this weekend some of the talented folks
in Wessington Springs brought that play to 
the stage of the local historical 
Opera House....

The Free Methodist Church 
which was affiliated with the Wessington Springs Academy
celebrated it's 125th anniversary
with a banquet....

A FULL schedule of events
and a huge attendance made the whole
weekend a great success!!

This summer we will be posting more photos 
from all of these events...
I hope you will follow along!!