Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reunion Pictures

Some photos
and memories
from the 
Wessington Springs

It was a lovely weekend
for flowers and visitors...

There was a steady stream 
of visitors through the cottage and gardens....

Alumni paged through
the many photo albums
and school year books....

There were rare photos 
brought by guests...

And a special scrap book
painstakenly pieced together
by Hazel Carlton....

Here she is pictured
with a quilt given to Mrs. Shay
by her bible students...

and with the Blue Willow China
she graciously donated to the cottage

That afternoon local thespians
re-enacted the original play
written by Kay Kline in 1953
"Facing the Future Unafraid, 
The Lives of Clark & Emma Shay"

Mrs. Shay played by Gwyneth Dean 

the performance 
was directed by Kathy Dean

here she is with 

the play's writer and original producer...

Kathy Dean and Kay Kline

Many talented local people 
got involved in bringing this play
to the stage once again.

Left: Mr. and Mrs. Kline -
 top Right: Gwyneth playing Mrs. Shay -
 bottom Right: entire cast

that evening the celebration
came to an end with a very special

Decorations were provided 
by JoAn Corr